Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra

The 7th Chakra: Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra


Voice of Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra:
“You are Lucky and Abundant”. “You align to your true nature through gratitude and contentment”.

Known as Sahasrara in Sanskrit, Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra is the top Chakra of the seven Chakras and is a thousand-petalled Lotus at the crown of the head. It is our link to the universe that tunes us to the highest form of consciousness and the Divine. It is our basis of illumination and spiritual connection, to our higher sense. Expression of gratitude is the life lesson that this Chakra teaches us. It represents Infinite wisdom. The opening of this Chakra points to the realization of pure awareness that leads to divine communion with the world.

Color: Violet
Element: Light
Location: Top of the head
Musical Note: B
Glandular Connection: Pineal gland
Frequency: 1100 -2000 Hz
Objective: Charity, connection to God and spirit, divinity, belief systems, revelation, divine consciousness

A person with a balanced Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra is graced with an ever expanding self-realization, self-awareness and self-reflection that empower them to stand out in the crowd as they are freed from the shackles of desire. When this Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra is blocked it results in harmful and unhelpful thoughts that originate from the lack of direction and the resentment that the divine powers have abandoned you.

When Energy Is Not Flowing Freely In Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra, some Of The Following Physical Symptoms Arise:

Depression Skin Problems Migraine Alzheimer Senile Dementia Multiple Sclerosis Vitiligo
Epilepsy Coma Schizophrenia Parkinson Paralysis Psoriasis

Associated Organs with Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra :

Issues around the crown chakra mainly affect brain and skin. Physical malfunctions include migraines, brain tumors, amnesia, Vitiligo and cognitive delusions.

Over active Crown Chakra:

This does not mean a full and open, but a crown chakra spinning erratically and with too much energy. This can express itself in intellectualising and disconnection from the body. It can also lead to fanaticism and spiritual addiction like running after gurus, evangelical preaching, and a sense of unrealized power. They can easily be overwhelmed by too much incoming information, not knowing what to do, leading to episodes of psychotic or manic depression.

Balanced Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra:

If you meet a person with a magnetic personality, someone who can achieve "miracles" in life, you know that you are standing in the presence of a person with a balanced crown chakra. You will find that knowing has replaced beliefs, as the crown is where we hold on to our belief system. An awakened crown chakra person will question any and all of our beliefs, constantly expanding the level of self-awareness and self- reflection. They also have the ability to surrender to their love for all life and the divine; they are at peace with themselves.

UnderActive Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra:

The under active crown chakra is closed down and makes it difficult for the person to take in and retain new information, learning difficulties, spiritual cynicism, closed to new ways of thinking and feeling hopeless and discontented. They are ruled by the unconscious, where patterns repeat again and again without being transformed by the conscious awareness of the crown. You will encounter many limiting beliefs and spiritual skepticism.

Energetic Healing of The Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra:

Healing involves meditation, expression of gratitude and releasing limiting beliefs.

Imagine that right above your head is a huge satellite dish-otherwise known as your Violet Crown Chakra. Your Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra connects you to the wisdom of your higher self - the part of you that exists in the higher realms. Your higher self has a bird's eye view of who you really are, why you are here, what you came here to do, and knows the best way to get where you want to go. Your crown team of helpers and assistants can make your life on Earth so much easier. It connects you to Source Energy, the Universal, Limitless and Eternal Great Mystery that we call God, Creator, the Divine or any other number of names. When tuned into it, this connection provides you with all you need; guidance, abundance, a feeling of safety and protection and deep faith and trust that something higher is looking after you.

How Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra Can Help You Live Your Purpose

When our minds are obsessing about something that happened in the past, or worrying about the future, when our mind chatters away all day going over all the bills we have to pay, chores we have to do and the problems we have, we are essentially bending our antennae away from this amazing channel! Instead of receiving its beautiful influence of peace and clarity, we get a whole lot of static and white noise, making us feel lost and confused. We feel like life is a series of random events out of our control, where connection instead turns life into a magical adventure filled with synchronicity and miracles.

Imbalanced Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra

If we have a tendency to always look life on the negative side, feel hopeless and discontented, we can often fall into poor health, depression, apathy and generally create a life that doesn't feel good. This is because we are literally cutting ourselves off from our Source energy. It is as if we are putting a tight clamp on a hose - the energy can't flow to us properly.

In a nutshell, Your Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra

Primary Purpose

It establishes a connection to the divine. Sahasrara is pivotal in establishing a link between our physical and spiritual beings. When we feel connected, possibilities are endless, inspiration flows and true purpose is realized.

When your Sahasrara Chakra is closed

You feel no connection or guidance from a higher power, feel unworthy of spiritual help and are angry that your higher power has abandoned you. You suffer from migraines and tension headaches.

When your Sahasrara Chakra is opened

You feel connected to a higher power and sense that you are being watched over and cared for. You know you deserve immense blessings and feel immense gratitude for the universal love and appreciation you feel towards self and others.

Sahasrara Chakra is Blocked by

Severe discontentment towards life

Sahasrara Chakra is Unlocked when

You express contentment and gratitude


Happiness, Spirituality


Wealth and Contentment

Physical Symptoms

Depression, Migraine, Skin problems, Alienation, Mental Illness, Neuralgia, Confusion, Senility, Veins, Blood Vessels, Lymphatic System, Bacteria, Warts, Skin Rashes, Eczema

Psychological Functions

Knowingness, Wisdom, Inspiration, Charisma, Awareness, Higher Self, Meditation, Self Sacrificing, Visionary

Emotional Symptoms

Depression, anger, loneliness and lack of focus

Endocrine Glands


Associated Body Parts

Upper brain, Cerebral Cortex, Cerebrum, Pituitary, Central Nervous System, Top of Head

Chakra Balancing

Connect with your inner self through mediation, yoga or contemplation. Channel your dreams and use your imagination.

Aroma for Chakra Balancing

Neroli, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense and Rose

Chakra Balancing Foods

Cleanse or eat detoxifying foods.

Seed Mantra

Chant “OM” silently or loudly and start to feel your mindset open in a few minutes.


Crystal, Opal, Amethyst, Selenite and Sugilite

Meditation To Heal The Sahasrara Chakra

Put your hands near your stomach. Let the ring fingers point up, touching at their top. Cross the rest of your fingers, with the left thumb underneath the right.
Concentrate on the Crown chakra at the top of your head. Chant the sound “OM”.

Release Limiting Beliefs

  • I release my lack of faith
  • I release my lack of connection with my inner being
  • I release deep stress
  • I release spiritual confusion
  • I release the feeling that I don't trust God
  • I release the belief that I have to give up money to be true to my spiritual path
  • I release the feeling that I am cut-off from inner guidance
  • I release lack of trust
  • I release lack of devotion
  • I release negative thoughts.
  • I release hopelessness.
  • I release discontentment.
  • I release deep inner sadness
  • I release the feeling of loss of balance and harmony
  • I release feeling of disharmony
  • I release low self-esteem
  • I release the belief that I am unprotected
  • I release the feeling that God has abandoned me
  • I release my anger with God
  • I release the feeling that I am unworthy of spiritual help
  • I release the fear that the world is too painful to endure
  • I release the belief that money is a lower chakra experience
  • I release the belief that it is not spiritual to have a lot of money
  • I release the belief that it is not okay to profit from your spiritual gifts
  • I release the belief that money is evil

Now Do Affirmations Below

Thank you God,

I am connected to my higher self / I am important to God / I am listening to my true self / I am receiving inspiration / I am seeing my true self / I am hearing my inner voice / I am extremely positive with myself /I am free of outside influences / I am able to reach my higher potential / I am deserving / I am speaking my highest truth.

Letting it in, opening the crown chakra…

I am perfect just as God created me / I am seeing the higher self of others / I am good enough to be me / I am comfortable here in my body / I am my spiritual truth / I am trusting myself / I am myself around my family / I am accepted in my truth / I am experiencing God there for me / I am important to God / I am acting on my truth…

Thank you God,

I am worth it / I am connected with the higher purpose of money / I am attracting money through my higher chakra's / I am in integrity when I profit from my gifts / I am living my purpose and thriving / I am using my wealth to make a difference / I am guided by spirit in my affluence / I exist / I have a life / I have a future / I am deserving / I am intuition / I am being / I am safe to change / I am received by others / my truth is heard / I am comfortable voicing my truth / I am attracting others that respect my light / I am led by God / I am one with the Universe / I am here to make a difference / I am letting my light shine.

Specific Rudraksha and gemstones when worn as per RRST give the required frequency and colour to the Crown chakra and balance it. Once the chakra is balanced, physical and emotional symptoms disappear and the wearer is empowered to face life with gratitude, contentment and luck.

Cosmic Union

Product Description: This is a powerful pendant of 1 mukhi and 9 mukhi representing the Cosmic Union of Shiva and Durga. This is the most powerful combination for meditators which opens up their higher consciousness and aligns them with the Supreme atman.

Healing Bracelet

Product Description: Just as fire consumes everything, 3 mukhi burns the past karmic blocks, 5 mukhi gives peace and health, 7 mukhi attracts new opportunities, 9 mukhi gives power and protection and 11 mukhi gives wisdom and knowledge. A very powerful combination cleanses past karma, stress, low self-esteem, past memories and discontentment.


Product Description: Gomedh is a gemstone of Planet Rahu and brings in speedy success and unexpected luck. It is a powerful gem for power, fame, political success, protection and financial prosperity.

Ways to balance Chakras

Balanced Chakras allow the Universal energy or the prana to flow freely through the body from one energy center to another. Not only does this promotes optimal physical health, but it also allows reconnection with consciousness and fosters a state of spiritual awakening. There are multiple ways of balancing chakras. Meditation, Mudras, Mantras, Yoga Asanas, Sound Vibrations, Color Therapy, Aromatherapy, Chakra Affirmations, Crystals and stones are some of the ways in which one may balance or unblock the Chakras. Of all the methods to balance the Chakras, usage of appropriate combination of Rudraksha beads and Gemstones is the most efficient and potent. Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) is an alternative healing therapy which balances the 7 Chakras by not only using a unique combination of Rudraksha and Gemstones and a specific methodology of wearing them as bracelets and pendants as per chakra science. RRST combinations empower individuals with physical and mental wellbeing, spiritual progress, success and help tune in with the natural laws of life through opening of the chakras

Chakra Related workshop Video

Audio Mantra

Sahasrara Chakra Audio Mantra

Chakra Meditation Video

Meditation Technique By Neeta Singhal

Neeta Singhal has developed a unique meditation technique which is called "Release meditation" based on Neti Neti Yog by Jagatguru Shri Adi Shankaracharya. In this technique, the fears are brought to surface and are then released completely from all aspects of life into a rotating vortex which is a black hole that destroys everything. "Facing a fear is bringing it into light and that enables us to release the fear", she says. This meditation style also involves playing the Gayatri mantra or resonance music in the background.

Music by Shailendra Bhartti

Swar Yog (Music to awaken Sahasrara Chakra) by Shailendra Bhartti

Shailendra Bhartti is a world renowed devotional singer. He has the art of taking the audience in deep meditation with his knowledge of "Swara Yog" which is union with the divine through chakra beeja mantras. His melodious renditions have a combination of "Bhava" (emotions) and "Bhakti" (devotion) and "Samarpan" (surrender).

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