Agni Pendant - J

Agni Pendant - J
Average bead size: approx. 14mm
Design: Made in pure silver caps and attached to adjustable thread.

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Agni Pendant - J

Product Code RST63
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Product Description  

Origin: Java

Configuration: 3 mukhi Rudraksha in silver.

Description: 3 mukhi is ruled by Agni, the Fire god. Fire element resides in the manipura chakra and ignites the light of consciousness that motivates us to take the right action. 3 mukhi rudraksha clears stagnant energy in this chakra by releasing emotions of stress, worry, anger and limitations of the past and brings physical and mental wellbeing.

3 mukhi Rudraksha burns past karma and releases powerlessness and sense of victimisation.

Therapeutic benefits: Gives relief in digestion problems.

Bead size: Rudraksha are available in many sizes and grouped in regular, small and large sizes. For Java variety, J represent regular size, JS is small and JL is large.
For Nepal variety, N denotes regular size, NS small and NL is large size. In terms of long term effect, there is not much difference. In short term, larger sizes seem to work faster due to large surface area. Choice of size selection depends on the personal choice of the wearer.


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