Decorative Urli with 3 water bowls

Decorative Urli with 3 water bowls
Height - 13 Inches
Bottom Width - 11 Inches
Top Diameter of each bowls - 6 Inches
Weight - 3.61 Kgs

Product Name

Decorative Urli with 3 water bowls

Product Code CVI15 - D99
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Product Description  

This elegantly crafted Urli in brass with 3 bowls to hold water enhances the energies of Vastu. Accentuated with tree branch at top and cheerful birds, this elegant home décor will create an ambience which would remind you of the beautiful nature. Fill these bowls with water and place near entrance or in North East or in West direction of your dwelling or place of business. It corresponds with creative and calming water element of Vastu which brings new vision, clarity of thoughts and attracts new opportunities.

Height: 13 inches
Bottom Width: 11 inches
Top Diameter of each bowls: 6 inches
Weight: 3.61 kgs


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